OSERV Catering, with its global footprint, is a market leading catering and hospitality management group serving the maritime sector.

We provide a wide variety of quality catering management solutions with unique and competitive service advantages.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Cleanliness & Safety
  • Comfortable Accommodation
  • International Menu Diversity
  • Best Quality Ingredients
  • Onsite Food Preparation
  • Crew Care Program On Cultural Sensibilities
  • Crew Well-being

In our commitment to providing a superior on board catering experience, we prioritize cleanliness and safety as paramount cornerstones, ensuring that our facilities are meticulously maintained and rigorously inspected to guarantee crew wellbeing.

Our food offerings stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence with international menu diversity, promising a journey of flavors that cater to every palate and preference. At the heart of our menu offerings lies the dedication to sourcing only the best quality ingredients.

Respecting and embracing diverse cultural sensibilities, our crew care program ensures that our crew members are not only well-trained but also culturally sensitive, creating an environment of respect and understanding for your comfort and satisfaction.

Moreover, recognizing that the well-being of our crew directly influences the quality of your experience, we invest in a comprehensive crew well-being program that fosters a positive atmosphere.

Service Excellence

  • Professional Catering Crew
  • 24/7 Catering Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Cabin & Crew Laundry Services
  • Provision Procurement
  • Performance Management
  • Online Customer Portal

In our pursuit of providing a truly exceptional catering experience, we commit for your comfort and convenience for food and housekeeping services.

To maintain the highest standards in service quality, our performance management system ensures that every aspect of your experience is analyzed and improved upon – allowing your crew to bask in a pristine and relaxing environment.



  • Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle Regime
  • Crew Education On Nutritional Health
  • Nutritionally Balanced Menus
  • Low Calorie, Lacto & Gluten Free Choices
  • Calorie, Nutrients & Allergen Declarations
  • Man/Day Calorie Consumption
  • HACCP Food Safety Management

In our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle regime on board, we empower and educate our crew comprehensively to make informed choices about the food they prepare and serve.

Our menus are thoughtfully crafted to be nutritionally balanced. From low-calorie selections to lacto and gluten-free choices, we ensure that everyone can indulge in a delicious meal that aligns with their health goals.

To provide information and utmost transparency, we offer calorie, nutrients, and allergen declarations for all our dishes.

Furthermore, our commitment to health extends beyond nutrition. We adhere to rigorous safety management protocols to guarantee that all our offerings are prepared and served with the utmost care and hygiene. 


  • Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Dynamic Logistic Consolidation
  • Natural Growth Fertilization
  • Zero Pesticides & Chemicals
  • Plant Based Menu Alternatives
  • Waste Management Programs
  • Plastic Reduction Onboard

Embracing sustainability as a guiding principle, we take pride in our commitment to utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients,

Our dynamic logistic consolidation efforts streamline our supply chain, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency, and allowing us to consistently provide you with the highest quality products.

Our dedication to sustainability extends to responsible waste management and plastic reduction programs that minimize our environmental footprint.



Here at OSERV Catering, we are serious about surrounding ourselves with bright, experienced people who can help us grow our business. We seek to build and maintain our management team with a wide range of experiences and competencies. We look for people who are passionate about the industry and our current strategies, and can help us adapt them to our ever-growing markets.

Our team includes technology innovators, certified professionals, & industry luminaries, all focused on serving the needs of our clients & customers.

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