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At OSERV Catering, we are serious about surrounding ourselves with bright, experienced people who can help us grow our business. We seek to build and maintain a team with a wide range of experiences and competencies.

We always look for people who are passionate about the industry and our strategies, and can help us adapt them to our ever-growing markets.

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Yngve Jonassen

Managing Director

Yngve Jonassen is Norwegian and living with his family outside Oslo, Norway, He has a bachelor’s degree in Maritime & Economics from Nord University. He is a passionate business professional with broad experience in executive management, credit risk management, banking and payment solutions, travel management, logistics, and procurement.

I believe in connecting with people and businesses to understand their true drivers. Aligning business objectives, exploring opportunities and collectively finding solutions are the true foundations for successful partnerships. It’s all about listening, understanding and always making decisions in mutual interest and for the right reasons.


Markus Gfeller

Global Catering Manager

Markus is Swiss born and a diploma chef by profession. He has an extensive international career and currently lives in the Philippines where he is settled with his family. Over the last 35 years, Markus grew from his culinary roots into a Hospitality Management, Education and Consultancy Expert in charge of various assignments in Maritime catering, Hotel & Cruise operation, Universities including his very own Restaurant venture.

With his obvious passion to share knowledge, take care of people and offer opportunities, he joined the OSM Maritime Group in 2014 to establish the Catering Academy under OSERV Catering which allowed him to take on the operation of the groups Global Provision Catering and Management arm. Today, the academy’s career program integrated with OSERV Catering Management is leading to many crew career success stories which in turn result into a unique advantage for our Customers and increased Crew satisfaction.


Franck Fallet

Commercial and Business Development Manager

Franck Fallet is a French national based in Limassol, Cyprus and has been with OSERV Catering for 2 years. He has 29 years’ experience from various leading roles in the shipping industry. For 12 years he was responsible for one of the largest shipping procurement platforms globally, where he assisted, advised and supported more than 35 procurement directors worldwide. He also was a member of the technical procurement board and in charge of the business development strategy.

My mission is to lead, advise and assist both existing and potential future clients within our service offering. The main goal is really to offer top quality catering at a competitive cost, whilst considering the safety, comfort and well-being of the crew both onshore and onboard the vessel.